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Are Asynchronous Courses The Right Fit For You?

As mentioned in our last post, asynchronous courses provide the flexibility for students to study “anywhere-anytime” as long as they are able to meet the respective weekly deadlines for each course. However, asynchronous classes require a lot of initiative and responsibility from the student in order to be successful. Here are some indicators to determine whether asynchronous classes would be a good option for you.

  1. Readiness Assessment Scores: We recommend students take an assessment to determine their level in the subject to ensure they are placed in the appropriate class. This is offered for math courses.
  2. Prioritization: Students need to allocate enough time to complete assignments during the course period. This means utilizing a planner or calendar to write down due dates and exam dates to stay on top of the course.
  3. Time Management: Just because asynchronous courses are more convenient in terms of time, does not mean that you should save everything for the last min. You need to be able to find a pace that works for you and stick to that schedule. It is better to do some work daily than to cram everything the day before it is due.
  4. Self-Starter: Students should have the drive, passion, and will to do well in their courses. This means being capable of following instructions independently and motivated to learn on their own with limited supervision.
  5. Ask Questions: There will be times in class when you have questions or need extra clarification on an assignment or project. Students need to be proactive in reaching out to their instructors if they are unclear of certain expectations or requirements. They are also encouraged to ask questions as soon as they encounter any challenges in the course materia
  6. Completing Recommended Prerequisites: For some courses, there are some recommended prerequisite courses that students need to complete before taking the next course level. These prerequisites are put in place to ensure students have the basic understanding of the subject to succeed and do well in the class.
  7. Checklist: Refer to the milestone checklist posted by the instructor and leverage the student success system that is established:
    • Proactive Outreach: Students are encouraged to reach out to the instructors with any questions regarding the course material via email. They typically respond within 48 business hours. Schedule office hours as needed.
    • Periodic Reminders: Students will receive reminders periodically to keep them accountable for reaching their personalized milestones.
    • Periodic Progress Tracking: Instructors provide progress reports to students and their parents periodically to give an overview of the student’s progress.

If you have any questions about finding the right asynchronous classes for your student, please send an email to office@legendcp.com or give us a call at 408-865-0366. You can also sign up for a consultation to discuss your goals further.