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Sofos Preparatory Academy FAQ

Why do students attend LCP?

We meet students’ unique needs and objectives, both within and beyond the classroom environment, no matter what the level, pace, or unique circumstances.

Are the classes at Sofos Preparatory Academy accredited and UC A-G approved?

Yes! We have received full WASC accreditation. The UC A-G course list includes every course we offer.

Will my public school accept credits from Sofos Preparatory Academy?

Yes! Transferring credits between WASC-accredited institutions has never presented any problems for us. On our transcripts, we also allow credit transfers from other high schools.

How many students are enrolled at Sofos Preparatory Academy?

To ensure that every student has the support they require to succeed in the course, we keep our class sizes to no more than 15 people per class.

How much does it cost to attend Sofos Preparatory Academy?

This is dependent upon the circumstances of the student and the number of courses studied. The majority of our courses take two semesters to complete. The costs differ according to each course. Here, you can see a list of all the courses we provide.

How long does it take to finish a course at Sofos Preparatory Academy?

During the school year, our courses meet once a week for two hours. The two-hour sessions are held twice a week throughout the spring intensive program. Our summer courses have three-hour sessions twice a week.

How are the courses held at Sofos Preparatory Academy?

We provide both live classes and online classes. As necessary, students will continue to receive assignments, tests, and labs.

I have questions about the AP exams.

For a clear understanding of this, please reach out to us by sending us a message.