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Sofos Preparatory Academy

Sofos Preparatory Academy is an independent school that offers students an extensive variety of learning options delivered in a variety of formats and combinations (including small class sizes, afterschool support, flexible scheduling, advanced and remedial courses, along with SAT/ACT test preparation) — to meet students' unique needs and objectives, both within and beyond the classroom environment, no matter what the level, pace or unique circumstances. We can work around a student´s schedule and fluctuating demands by offering a comprehensive academic program all facilitated by our highly-qualified and dedicated faculty.

What We Aim to AchieveMission Statement

Sofos Preparatory Academy will offer its students the opportunity to complement and potentially replace their traditional high school educational experience. Classes will be held less frequently than a traditional high school class but will be held in long time blocks, with a major component focusing on self and/or group learning. Sofos students will learn to function in a traditional teacher-driven pedagogy but will also be given the skills to thrive in a more learner-driven pedagogy in which they determine how to identify and obtain the necessary information to successfully analyze and solve problems.

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What We Want to BecomeVision Statement

Our vision is to provide students with a learning environment that presents an alternative to traditional high school models and timelines. Our model subsidizes traditional classroom learning environments with a strong emphasis on independent and group study.