About Sofos Preparatory Academy
Sofos Preparatory Academy is an independent school which offers students an extensive variety of learning options delivered in a variety of formats and combinations (including small class sizes, afterschool support, flexible scheduling, advanced and remedial courses, along with SAT/ACT test preparation) — to meet students’ unique needs and objectives, both within and beyond the classroom environment, no matter what the level, pace or unique circumstances. We can work around a student´s schedule and fluctuating demands by offering a comprehensive academic program all facilitated by our highly-qualified and dedicated faculty.


Sofos Preparatory Academy mission is to provide a comprehensive curriculum that unites flexibility and compassion in a safe yet challenging environment.  Our supportive educators maintain a mutually respectful, multi-cultural setting that is committed to the dignity and worth of all students as they are guided into becoming responsible citizens, independent thinkers, and conscientious contributors to society.  Our community of scholars crafts a foundation of knowledge that celebrates the individual and cultivates a lifelong love of learning.


A focus on the individual through a tailored course of study that helps students advance in accordance with their unique passions and abilities.


A traditional college preparatory education that matches each student’s level and pacing through versatility and student-centered guidance.


An exceptionally comprehensive program, embodying a vast array of standard academic courses paired with numerous electives.


Sofos Preparatory Academy offers accelerated programs for students who are ready to move ahead of the regular school curriculum and remedial classes for those who are looking to improve certain basic skills.


We occupy a unique and important space in the college preparatory landscape through our individual and personal approach to education. There is virtually no educational need we cannot meet – from students looking for a more personalized and challenging environment to those who are pre-professional and require flexibility in their schedules, and those seeking a fresh start and the satisfaction of success. The Sofos Preparatory Academy allows students to accelerate coursework for early graduation, or recover credits lost during the school year. We can also fully customize schedules through afternoon and weekend only classes.


The Sofos Preparatory Academy opened its doors to their first students in Spring 2017.  We deliver an alternative college preparatory program that is flexible, personalized and balanced to each student’s needs. While most students follow the traditional school year calendar, students are welcome to begin their studies at Sofos Preparatory Academy at any time; mid-semester, summer or at the start of a new school year. Additional concentrated help in specific subject areas is available through one-on-one tutoring.